Skye owns a very fast motorcycle. It needs to be powered on electricity rather than fossil fuels somehow. It needs to be capable of off-road travel. It is likely to have very fancy computer capabilities, such as the ability to be an internet node (not that there's an internet).

Most people in Palisade will have horses or use electric vehicles. Note that road maintenance has gone by the wayside, so they'll be 4WD or other adaptations.

Bicycles will be around, but not commonly used.

==Dan's Thoughts==
If battery tech is sufficiently energy dense to give her range, she can build one of these. They are literally among the simplest possible electrical machines to build.

Off-road capabilities are down entirely to the tires. And that's...an interesting set of considerations as far as "how long can your civilization last once the factories shut down"? Any motorcycle can go off-road. The comfort of the ride depends on the suspension, the roughness of navigable terrain depends on the ground clearance, and and the ability to grip depends on the tires.

Horses are going to be the best transport long-term. I daresay you'll have a resurgance of wainwrights building solid wheels for wagons, etc. (as well as wagons and trailers themselves). Tires, again, will be your biggest limiting factor.