• Solar panels have advanced to the point where they are ubiquitous everywhere, including being mounted on vehicles. Given the high number of sunny days in Palisade, this is a good source of energy.
  • Similarly, Palisade already uses wind turbines for pumping water. Reasonable advances in technology would also allow these to generate electricity.
  • We are presuming good advances in battery technology. Exact technology TBD.
  • Palisade also has the Colorado River flowing through it. There's an existing dam / spill water just upstream from town. We hypothesize they've added turbines to generate electricity.
    • This will be a target of the raiders in the first book.
  • Nuclear is not ruled out.
  • Fossil fuels--the problem is the infrastructure. It really doesn't exist. One can pump oil from fracking wells about 50 miles from Palisade, but those would be non-functional at the beginning of the series.

==Dan's Thoughts==
Since the decisions here are so tied into the manufacturing/materials tech, I discussed things at length on that page, keeping what's written above in mind.

WRT Solar, also bear in mind that any place you put up a solar panel is somewhere you can't grow food. Food production is going to be a major concern.

==Phone Notes==

  • modular nuclear may be available by 2040. Under development by the military
  • Solar can be mounted on the steep slopes where food can't be grown.
  • Fracking wells easy to uncap and get producing again. Use that for plastics and lubricants rather than fuel.
  • Micro-hydro was under manufacturing. Easy to set up a small wheel on every stream.
  • Reserve electricity for what really needs it. Keep the grid small. Pumping, grinding, and heating can all be done without electricity.