Skye has been artificially enhanced in a few ways:

  • She has an implant in her jaw that allows her to subvocalize and communicate to properly tuned devices within a limited range. We're thinking something where she can subvocalize to send commands to her rifle and to her robot and maybe her motorcycle. For plot purposes, the idea is that she can command some of the stuff around her, but longer range communications require something like the bike to convert the signal to a different frequency and boost it. When she was an active agent, she would've been able to communicate via satellite, but that ability has failed.

  • We like the idea of Skye being able to give herself chemical boosts from time to time, but with all the attendant downsides. For example, she can boost her adrenaline levels to very high levels... and then will promptly suffer serious collapse when it wears off.

  • We like the idea that she can process alcohol out of her system faster/safer than most people. This might be related to the chemical boost capability--inject herself with some drug that nullifies it.

==Dan's Thoughts==

  1. 1 is cybernetics/handwavium. Limiting factors will be power and electronics life.

  1. 2 totally do-able. Adrenaline can even be done this way natively with the right training (maybe not to the degree you're looking for, but). An upgraded kidneys and adrenal glands, with perhaps a cybernetic implant that can stimulate them with a mild electric shock that replenishes by recharging off her body, could do the trick nicely, and is all theoretically possible, and only a few steps beyond what can be done today.

  1. 3 upgraded liver and kidneys wouldn't hurt either.

==Phone Notes==

  • The adrenaline uptake curve is different for men and women. 90 seconds to full for men. Women typically need 90 minutes for up and ramp down. Note that fine motor control fails with peak adrenaline, and the resulting excitement. Why men go for fist fights. But for a woman, it'd take longer to ramp up, during which she'd have more fine motor control.
  • One possible bio enhancement is synchronizing the fast twitch muscles, like chimps have. This would have all of them firing at once, which is not what happens in humans. It would make her stronger, but not have more mass.
  • For fights, mass matters more than strength.
  • One other possible injection is amphetamines.