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Post Apocalyptic Western

Skye Rise

Sam Sheddan and Edward J. Knight

Not my sister, you don’t…

After the plague of [[TBD]] took down civilization, former Special Agent Skylar kept her baby sister Logan safe in their mountain hideaway. With her microforge and rare earth elements cache, she could make almost anything they needed. So other than a monthly trip to town, they stayed to themselves. Avoiding people meant avoiding trouble.

Until trouble comes to them.

And being forced to take refuge in town, with all those people, just means more trouble.

The raiders won’t stop until they get her microforge. They won’t stop if townsfolk get caught in the crossfire. They won’t stop if they have to kidnap her sister. They won’t stop if they have to kill her.

Unless she can kill them first.

Black Widow meets Shane in this novel, the first book in the [[Skye X]] series. Get it now.