News Media

In the build up to 2054, the new media will continue to both fracture and silo. There will be a greater variety of sources and people will tend to follow only those that they trust or confirm their biases. So in the pre-crash, there will be hundreds of online news sources that each have their push notifications to the users. While the current "major" sources like the New York Times will still exist, their audiences will be dramatically lower.

That said, there will be some locations like Wikipedia and Snopes that are considered relatively accurate and unbiased.

Post-crash, someone in Palisade will start a newspaper of sorts. With paper being a harder to renew resource, it'll be more of notices or handbills that get posted around town or that people can come read. It'll be closer to weekly than daily. I imagine that at the time of the first story, it'll be something posted on the outer wall of the grocery store or inside during bad weather. It'll be a "community service" run by someone who can't make a profit but has time and sees it as a calling.